Don't Discard Your Old Appliance, Recycle It!

Properly recycling electric products permanently removes them from the electric grid, saving energy and protecting Wyoming’s environment. While documented recycling of existing appliances is not strictly required, the program strongly encourages you to properly recycle unused equipment.

Wyoming residents have access to several recycling options:

  • Retailer recycling : Many retailers that sell new appliances offer appliance pickup and recycling, sometimes at no additional cost. Ask your retailer if they offer recycling of your old appliance. Be sure to confirm that your retailer will properly recycle the old unit and not re-sell it as an inefficient, second-hand unit.
For example, one retailer provides the following recycling services:
  • Removal of old, inefficient appliances from the customer home and submission to an EPA-certified recycler
  • The certified recycler removes all hazardous waste components of the appliance and captures all refrigerant gases (if applicable)
  • The hazardous waste-free appliance is then broken down into pieces that can be recycled and turned into another product
Click here to view a list of retail store locations that may offer appliance recycling services .
  • For water heaters and furnaces : The installing contractor is often responsible for disposing or recycling the used equipment. If the contractor does not remove the used appliance, check with the options below for more information.

  • Municipal recycling : Your municipality may collect an old water heater, oven or dishwasher upon request — or they may give you the location of your nearest recycling facility for drop-off. Ask your municipality or your local waste management division.