Get Your Rebate

Thank you for your interest in energy efficient products. The Wyoming Appliance Rebate Program has allocated all rebate funding.

The program paid rebates to over 4,000 Wyoming residents, contributing to annual energy savings of about 60,000 therms and 300,000 kWh each year. That’s enough to light 240 homes and heat 75 homes every year.

The program is no longer accepting rebate applications. If you have submitted an application and are waiting for payment, the program is still processing the final applications. All rebate applications are processed in order, based on the postmark date. If you are waiting for a response from the program, you will either receive your rebate check or a letter notifying you of program funding status.

For information and/or questions on the status of your rebate, please call the Wyoming Appliace Rebate Program's hotline at: 877-50-REBATE.

Wyoming expresses its appreciation to all the residents who participated in the program by investing in energy efficiency, and to all the retailers, contractors, and utilities that helped to support the program by supplying products and educating customers.